The Uqaqti team are highly capable facilitators and project managers, leading complex and high pressure programs seamlessly. Our specialized services include:

Stakeholder Engagement Leaders

We are leaders in stakeholder engagement on a statewide and national level. We are not your typical PR firm, we are firmly rooted in a commitment to support, empower and include underrepresented communities. 

Our top-notch communication methods are the means to lifelong relationships across the state and country. The key ingredients to long-term relationships are honesty, consistency and respect. That is our mission; everything we do is directed towards the bigger picture and shared long-term gains.


Our rural facilitation expertise is one of the main reasons companies hire Uqaqti. We specialize in highly divisive meetings with complex communication challenges. We have the credibility and skills to help lead meetings in a productive and positive manner. 

We honor and value each participant and we focus on the process of engagement so our clients and communities can focus on the project details. Our mission is that everyone is included, valued, heard, and feels more informed and empowered after each meeting.

Lobbying & Government Affairs Strategy

Uqaqti started as a state lobbying business in 2011. We love the public process, at every level. Our principal/founder has served local elected office, and she is a passionate advocate for all Alaskans. 

We provide support on legislative and administrative needs of all levels for our clients. We have experience in Juneau, Anchorage and Washington, DC. We are well connected with key local, tribal, state, and federal agencies and regulators.

Meeting Logistics

Growing up in rural Alaska taught our principal/founder to be creative, resourceful, patient, and adaptable when it comes to rural travel and outreach logistics. We are skilled at coordinating every component of meetings and outreach in rural Alaska and beyond.

Campaign + Community Action Specialists

We have successfully led rural outreach on three statewide campaigns. We have the network across Alaska and the communications experience to rally diverse groups for causes that matter. We bring positivity and dynamic energy to campaigns, and ultimately we help to get across the finish line. We are strategists and advocates that people trust.

We are a statewide communications and community relations firm serving Alaska and beyond.